Trans Day of Visibility: Top 25 Books by Trans/Nonbinary Authors (according to Twitter)

Today is Trans Day of Visibility! This is a day to celebrate being trans and make ourselves visible. In honour of this day, I have put together a list of the top 25 books by trans and nonbinary authors as voted for by people on Twitter! Counting down from 25, all the way through to Twitter’s number 1 favourite book by a trans or nonbinary author…

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Book Review: Between Perfect and Real by Ray Stoeve

Title: Between Perfect and Real
Author: Ray Stoeve
Format: e-ARC | 304 pages
Links: StoryGraph | Blackwells
Rating: ★★★★★

Dean Foster knows he’s a trans guy. He’s watched enough YouTube videos and done enough questioning to be sure. But everyone at his high school thinks he’s a lesbian–including his girlfriend Zoe, and his theater director, who just cast him as a “nontraditional” Romeo. He wonders if maybe it would be easier to wait until college to come out. But as he plays Romeo every day in rehearsals, Dean realizes he wants everyone to see him as he really is now–not just on the stage, but everywhere in his life. Dean knows what he needs to do. Can playing a role help Dean be his true self?

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Blog Tour Review: Show Us Who You Are by Elle McNicoll

Welcome to the first stop on the blog tour for Show Us Who You Are by Elle McNicoll. Thank you to Annabelle Wright at ed public relations for the opportunity to review, and for organising the tour. Check out the schedule above and be sure to follow the rest of the tour posts!

TitleShow Us Who You Are
Author: Elle McNicoll
Illustrator: Kay Wilson
Format: Paperback | 310 pages
LinksGoodreads | Blackwells
Rating: ★★★★★

12-year-old Cora is dragged to a party by her brother Gregor, who is keen for her to meet his boss – the intimidating CEO of the Pomegranate Institute, Magnus Hawkins. Once there, she unexpectedly strikes up a friendship with his son, Adrien. They soon discover that their difference is what draws them together – Cora is autistic and Adrien has ADHD. Cora is intrigued by Pomegranate, who are using AI to create life-like holograms of people to provide comfort to grieving families. Magnus and the charming head scientist Dr Gold are keen to get Cora more involved, but her Dad is suspicious of their motives. It becomes clear that Pomegranate have a much darker aim. . .
Can Cora be the one to stop them?

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Book Review: Lord of the Butterflies by Andrea Gibson

Title: Lord of the Butterflies
Author: Andrea Gibson
Format: Paperback | 96 pages
Links: Goodreads | Blackwells
Rating: ★★★★★

In Andrea Gibson’s latest collection, they continue their artful and nuanced looks at gender, romance, loss, and family. Each emotion here is deft and delicate, resting inside of imagery heavy enough to sink the heart, while giving the body wings to soar.

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Hi, I’m Ocean, I’m trans, and I live in England. I’m a huge bookworm. I’ve always liked books, but since I started reading books with trans characters and themes, I started to feel represented. That’s when I really started loving books. 

I’ve been passionate about supporting trans authors for a while now, so I’ve decided to start blogging about and reviewing books by authors who are trans or nonbinary. I am fairly active on Twitter where I often talk about and promote trans books. My main bookish account is Oceans Of Novels.

I am hoping to encourage all readers – trans and cis – to dip their toes into the world of wonderful books by trans and nonbinary authors. You may learn something new!

I hope you enjoy my reviews.

Happy reading!